Introduction of the NIPPON COLLECTION member


AICHI Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells furniture for educational institutions and public and private facilities. Given a Good Design Award for our 138 furnishings as of October 2008, we specialize in manufacturing proprietary products as special design elements based on our proprietary techniques.
TECS (Daylight): The world's first mesh stacking chair. This innovative design combines comfort with outstanding light weight and stacking density. In 2005 at the NeoCon World's Trade Fair, the largest furniture trade show in North America,
TECS won a Gold Prize, enabling us to enter the European and U.S. markets.



It has been 50 years since we FUJI FURNITURE was established in Tokushima as famous for furniture and we can offer any uses for public and home. We always perform innovation in a molding plywood technical for 30 years and endeavor to improve the quality, the productivity, and the design.We acquire the certification of international standard "ISO14001" about the environmental management system following the certification acquisition of international standard "ISO9001" about the quality management system,with the making of product having a customer satisfy, we contribute to the global environment preservation from both of the position as a supplier of the products and as a consumer of the limited resources,and promote activities to offer greater comforts for the consumers, local residents, and others.


  IYOBE Co., Ltd.

No matter how much the life of human beings becomes digitalized, the furniture in the living environment remains as a kind of personal communication tool that touches and captures the heart of the user.The users are always expecting to derive the comfort from the furniture around them. The comfort of the furniture is created from the combination of the elements such as materials, colour and function and, above all, the excellent craftsmanship of the high technology.


  Maruichiselling Inc.

Maruichiselling is the first company in the world to export Japanese floor-level lifestyles into western furniture. In 1981, Maruichi launched 'Skip' a new type of sofa, to demonstrate how people could feel more natural and relaxed when sitting close to the floor. Inspired by a traditional Japanese low table with a heater beneath (kotatsu), where people sitting around can warm their feet, it became a smash hit in Japan. The following year, the Jipangu range was launched. It combined Japanese idiom and western modernity. Over time it has become a synonym for Japanese style, as it was exhibited from Moscow to New York and in Liberty of London stores.



Urushi lacquer is also called “ japan ”. It is an outstanding natural lacquer which has been developed in Asia and deserves high regard worldwide. It is made from the sap which is gathered from the Urushi tree and because it needs plenty of humidity when drying it can only be produced in Asian countries.
Kagawa prefecture is one of the leading districts for the production of Japanese lacquer ware in Japan. The distinctive techniques of the craftsmen of this area have led to the production of Urushi being designated a traditional Japanese craft work. MORISHIGE takes the inheritance of traditional Japanese lacquer ware and endeavors to bring to life the techniques in new ways in the production of Western furniture.


   dream bed Co.,Ltd.

Dream Bed has pursued self-development and self-production of such articles as mattresses, bed frames, and sofas,since it was founded in 1950. It is because that we believe sound quality-control which customers rely on can be realized only through that method. Particularly for mattress production, we have developed various machines by ourself to produce our original mattresses of 'Tornado Pocket' and 'Micro Dream,' with which we have made available quite a lot of types of mattresses for customers to choose depending upon his/her sense of values. In order to provide each individual who harbors a dream with a comfortable life and sleep, Dream Bed continues to offer a new proposition.


   Hida Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

HIDA TAKAYAMA is one of the most famous places in Japan for wooden furniture. Its craft history began at the beginning of the 20th century. In those days, the founder of Hida Sangyo, Masanosuke Sirakawa, launched a new enterprise of producing wooden furniture utilizing the rich forests of beech, which had previously been regarded as useless. Now Hida Sangyo is one of the oldest wooden furniture companies in Japan.
In the 1920s, Hida Sangyo began exporting their products to China and Korea, and in 1937 to the U.S.A. After World WarⅡ, the company also started producing commodities, in order to contribute to economic recovery.
In December 2000, Sanzo Okada assumed the directorship and decided to produce wooden furniture with "knots", which had previously been regarded as taboo. But this range was successful beyond all expectations, and broke the norm in the world of Japanese traditional furniture.
Now, in 2005, Hida Sangyo is producing a new series of furniture using Japanese indigenous species "sugi" (Japanese cedar), in collaboration with the Italian designer Enzo Mari.



In 1940, Karimoku took its first steps as a woodworking shop in Kariya, in the suburbs of Nagoya, Japan's third largest city. Since then, we have been committed to our love of trees and have steadfastly provided fine quality wooden furniture.
Widely recognized for its stance on furniture making based on its Quality First philosophy, by 1972 Karimoku had grown into Japan's No. 1 wooden furniture maker in terms of domestic sales. The Karimoku brand has been firmly established as a synonym of fine quality furniture and proof of reliable furniture, a reputation we have maintained to this day. We aspire to making furniture that creates a comfortable living space and will continue to be loved as a lifelong partner. Relying on its technology and creativity, Karimoku will remain committed to its quest for quality as a comprehensive furniture maker with an integrated system for manufacturing to marketing.



"Showa Bentwood Factory", established in 1928 was the forerunner of "Maruni Wood Industry Inc." which was established in 1933.It marks its 80th anniversary this year.
The "Versailles", a product line released in 1968 was officially recognized as the "first western furniture that won the biggest market in history of Japan", and therefore Maruni Wood Industry Inc. has grown to be the top selling furniture manufacturer in Japan at that time.
Today, Maruni is laying the groundwork for further success, aiming at making furniture that are "people-friendly" and "earth-friendly".But at the same time, they are promoting new activities with outside designers, such as the nextmaruni and MARUNI COLLECTION, utilizing the techniques acquired from their history of 80 years.


   Shirakawa Corporation

Hida Takayama, where Shirakawa Corporation is headquartered, is among the few regions in Japan famous for its furniture making, especially for producing high-quality, superior designs. Shirakawa Corporation, one of Japan's leading furniture manufacturers, uses the most advanced wood processing technologies and possesses superior design development capabilities. Even after 100 years, our pieces still look new because we strive to create furniture that remains modern even after a century of use. This is the essence of the Shirakawa design philosophy.